3 “Let Freedom Ring” Priests Appearing on Grace Force Podcast!

by Fr Richard Heilman | February 1, 2021 8:04 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Due to capacity concerns, the “in-person” event with the 3 priests at St. Mary of Pine Bluff on February 1 HAS BEEN CANCELLED. This virtual event on the Grace Force Podcast on February 3 is replacing the original event.

On January 27, the announcement came that the 3 priests who led 75,000+ this Summer through a 40-day training for freedom from the devil, had just made this available in book form (co-authors). You can see the January 27 announcement HERE[1].

Already, suppliers are having difficulty keeping up with the enormous demand of so many seeking to purchase this amazing book.

You can order your copy of “Let Freedom Ring” at RomanCatholicGear.com[2].


Lent 2021: February 17 to March 28 – 40-Days to Freedom from the Devil

The plans are to get as many prayer warriors as possible to join together in this “40-Day Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil” during Lent this year. This goes to our great desire to become well-trained in the art of spiritual warfare.

Please get your book and plan to join tens of thousands in this very needed and well-timed training, as the devil is advancing as never before!

Are YOU in?

Don’t miss the three “Let Freedom Ring” Priests on this week’s episode of the Grace Force Podcast[3]!


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