Be Strong. Be Brave. Do Not Submit!

by Fr Richard Heilman | November 19, 2021 10:46 AM

Be Strong.  Be Brave.  Do Not Submit!

We are in the throes of historic tyranny. What makes it historic? The tyrants have never had such powerful and effective propaganda tools at their disposal. By way of a complicit media, Big Tech, Hollywood, TV, universities, public schools, they relentlessly promote the false gods of sexual hedonism, radical narcissism, assaults on our basic freedoms and everything that betrays God.

What we are facing is a nouveau barbarism; a rupture from any Divine connection as we are brought down to our “brute nature” as merely another animal species. This nouveau barbarism portrays itself as enlightened; an evolved understanding of the nature of humanity. This is the intoxicating feature of nouveau barbarism, as it appeals to humanity’s base desire to be included among the aristocracy; the elites of any culture.

It verges upon the miraculous if you have managed to resist and reject this historic level of propaganda from the influencers, or the super-temptation to count yourself among the elites of our times. This kind of resistance under this historic level of pressure requires nothing less than supernatural strength. This is because this historic influence comes from none other than Satan.

Satan, and the minions he easily manipulates, play upon our weakness. If they apply the pressure of propaganda and derision, they hope you submit.
* When you remain strong, they panic and apply more pressure.
* As in any abusive relationship, the more you resist, the more irrationally irate and crazy they get.
* The crazier they get, the more they are recognized as the evil they are.
* Persistent in their crazy evil, more and more people notice.
* As more people experience the shock of this crazy evil, more and more people wake up.
* The more people wake up, the more panicked and crazy evil gets, which leads to even more people waking up, and the eventual destruction of evil.

Be strong. Be brave. Do not submit! Literally, it’s all you need to do. Make evil the one who needs to fight to stay alive.


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