Grace Force Podcast Episode 1: Get into the Fight

Grace Force Podcast Episode 1: Get into the Fight

The premiere episode of the Grace Force Podcast with Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry is a clarion call for all Catholics to put on the armor of God and prepare for spiritual warfare through prayer, sacramentals and devotions.

Father and Doug talk about the battle for the soul of America and the Catholic Church, and the recent survey showing a shockingly large percentage of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. They also detail the crucial Novena for Our Nation that launches Aug. 15 and concludes Oct. 7, 2019.

Put the Grace Force Podcast on your weekly watch list (subscribe on YouTube or watch here on the U.S. Grace Force website), every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Central. Our Aug. 21 guest will be Dr. Taylor Marshall, author of the bestselling book Infiltration: the Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church from Within.



Aug. 14, 2019 Episode #1

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‘My Lord and My God’

Father Heilman made reference at 17:48 to his mission to bring people to the point of saying, “My Lord and My God.” Read more of Father’s thoughts at the Roman Catholic Man web site.

Matt Walsh Talk

The Matt Walsh talk Father Heilman mentioned at 34:20 occurred on April 6, 2018 at St. Mary of Pine Bluff Catholic Church. YouTube has the video of Matt’s talk, and the parish web site has the audio.

Our Lady of Good Success

Doug showed a statue of Our Lady of Good Success at the 36:35 mark and mentioned the prophecies told by Our Lady to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in 1634 in Quito, Ecuador. A devotional box with a replica statue of Our Lady of Good Success can be obtained from the A Message for Our Time web site. The statue and materials are sent free, provided the recipient agrees to eventually forward the materials to someone else.

Learn more about Our Lady of Good Success in this recent article from Crisis magazine, and at the Our Lady of Good Success Apostolate web site.

Pope Leo XIII Vision

Father Heilman is aware that he misspoke at the 40:17 mark when referring to the vision of Jesus and satan witnessed by Pope Leo XIII. The discussion involved Our Blessed Lord and satan, not St. Michael the Archangel. Read more about the pope’s vision at Father’s Roman Catholic Man teaching blog.

U.S. Grace Force Enlistment

Father and Doug encourage all viewers and listeners to enlist in the U.S. Grace Force, which can be done by signing up for the Grace Force and the Novena for Our Nation. You can also follow the Novena and other Grace Force efforts on the U.S. Grace Force web site.

More from Fr. Richard Heilman

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More from Doug Barry

Follow Doug on his YouTube channel and read more on the Battle Ready web site.