My Battle Plan, Going into Novena for Our Nation

by Fr Richard Heilman | August 9, 2019 1:15 PM


What’s Your Battle Plan?

With less than a week before we join nearly 50,000 Grace Force warriors on the battlefield of spiritual warfare, now is the time to draw up your plan.

You are free to do anything the Lord is calling you to do. The personal battle plan, below, is something I have, “mostly,” been true to, up to now. But, I want to become totally consistent and disciplined, and I plan to utilize these 54 days to do just that.

Why? I long to be ever closer to God and His will, and I want my prayers to be powerful!! I’ve come to understand that the more passionately we strive to draw near to God and follow His will, the more readily God is willing to reply to our pleas to Him. This is because he is a perfect “dad,” Who is trying to draw out of us the best version of ourselves. If God sees us doing the “striving,” He does not need to use such “dad-like” tactics as withholding His intervention, until we “get our act together.”

I see these 54 days as a “boot camp” for getting in good spiritual and physical shape, so we are more “God Strong” going into battle. I want to keep this up after the 54 days and, at least, until there is an end of abortion in America (either a Right-to-Life Amendment or a complete reversal of Roe v. Wade, thereby making it possible to outlaw all abortions at the state level).

This is a battle for the soul of America, so I hereby pledge:

Fasting & Mortification (Every day except the Sabbath, feast days, and extraordinary events such as celebrating a wedding day):

  1. I will eat one meal each day between a set window of 2-6 hours. For example, 2pm to 6pm (This is also called “intermittent fasting” and is found to be healthy as it burns unwanted fat and regulates body sugar. One can widen or narrow this window and choose a different time of day that suits a lifestyle. See HERE and HERE).
  2. I will drink only water. Coffee and Tea are also allowed.
  3. I will have no sweets or junk food.
  4. I will daily mortify the flesh with exercise (e.g., daily walks and/or strength training 3xs per week)
  5. Whenever I hunger, or sacrifice, or suffer in any way, I will offer it up as I pray a Hail Mary for the conversion of sinners, and all those who asked for my prayers.

Prayer & Spiritual Life

  1. Upon waking up, I will pray the Morning Offering.
  2. Before the Blessed Sacrament (if possible), preferably in the morning, I will spend at least 15-20 minutes each day, in meditation and quiet mental prayer.
  3. Before the Blessed Sacrament (if possible), preferably in the morning, I will spend at least 15-20 minutes each day reading and reflecting on the daily Mass readings.
  4. Before the Blessed Sacrament (if possible), preferably in the morning, I will pray the rosary daily for the following intentions:
  1. Whenever I am asked for prayers, I will journal their name and daily pray the Sacred Heart Novena Prayer for all those who asked for my prayers (this is how Padre Pio prayed for others).
  2. I will pray the Angelus (6am, noon, 6pm).
  3. I will examine my conscience and privately ask God’s forgiveness each night.
  4. I will go to Confession frequently. At least once a month (Usually, once a week).
  5. I will wear the Brown Scapular (or Scapular Medal)
  6. I will renew my consecration to Mary on a regular basis (at least weekly).
  7. I will build my Holy Alliance each day by calling upon a Saint to pray with me for a Holy Soul in Purgatory. Then, I will ask my Holy Alliance to pray with me for those who have asked for my prayers, as I pray the Sacred Heart Novena Prayer (Learn about building your Holy Alliance HERE[1]).



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