40-40-4-40 Fasting™ – It’s Time to Detox, Detach & Deploy

40-40-4-40 Fasting™ – It’s Time to Detox, Detach & Deploy

40-40-4-40 Fasting™ – It’s Time to Detox, Detach & Deploy

As we enter 2021, I am being called to “prepare for deployment.” To that end, I am being called to fast in the following way …

Two 40 hour (liquid only) fasts each week for 40 days. This incorporates Wednesday and Friday fasting days.

1st 40 Hours: Monday at midnight to Wednesday at 6pm.

2nd 40 Hours: Wednesday at Midnight to Friday at 6pm.

I am beginning this on the first week of 2021. The first full fasting day is Tuesday, January 5. This is the Vigil of Epiphany, as well as the Feast Day of St. John Neumann, who was the saint my gramma prayed to every day, since I was 5-years-old, for me to have a vocation to the Priesthood.

Yes, the goal is to detox my body of all the poisons slowing me down and making me sick. But, the same is true in the supernatural realm. We must detox ourselves of all the sins (poison), large or small, that diminishes or depletes completely the power of supernatural grace. Poisoned by sin, we become slothful, self-centered blobs of tissue. Sin is poison to grace … it kills it off. I’m detoxing!

2020 saw us deprived of many things. It was hard. The good news is that it went a long way to detach us from many of the (small “g”) gods in our lives that had control over us … much more than God did. As well, it helped to leave the mode of “taking the most important things for granted” and built us up in our sense of gratitude, especially for God and His many blessings. Detaching from the (small “g”) gods in our lives frees us up to live the way God intended us to live, with all meaning and purpose … at His beck and call. I’m detaching!

Listen, the gloves are off. We are entering into a serious confrontation with evil. For a time, we were “punch drunk” by the unprecedented “blow after blow” of evil’s aggression and arrogance during the demonic 2020. The tyrants came out of nowhere, like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, who believed we were weak enough to be taken out.

But, evil is soon going to understand, as Admiral Yamamoto did on the day of infamy:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”

It’s time to get spiritually and physical fit! I’m deploying!

I’m Going In!