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54 Day Three Hearts Novena for Protection & Provision

54 Day Three Hearts Novena for Protection & Provision March 9 – May 1 While I worry about the spread of sickness that will come from the coronavirus, I am

Miracles: The Way I See Them Happening

To My Fellow Prayer Warriors, I think most of you are like me, but I wanted to share my view on my experience of miracles. Not long ago, we all

United States Grace Force “Battle Plan” for 2020 – God Wants You!

What if we were to grow a huge military of spiritual warriors? What if this military was comprised of some of the strongest Catholics in the United States … those

US Grace Force Receive Spiritual Weapons: Free Epiphany Water & Exorcised Salt

On the Vigil of the Epiphany (Sunday, January 5, 2020), at St. Mary of Pine Bluff, WI, the Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum joined Fr. Z (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf),

This New Year’s, Resolve to Become “God Strong” for Life! Will You Join Me?

Christ’s Elite Fighting Force Whether it’s a Navy SEAL or a Saint, we admire those who put it all on the line — go “all in!” — those who are

The Very Powerful “New” Pro-Life Scapular Medal

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” -Saint Dominic What is a Scapular Medal? The Brown Scapular, revealed to St. Simon Stock in

Soldiers Honor Our Lady

Soldiers Honor Our Lady This is the “authentic” Combat Rosary originally designed by Father Richard Heilman, who was inspired to design this Combat Rosary based on the 1916 WWI US

How Does Moses Show Us How to Live with a Youthful Zeal for Life?

I believe the story of Moses, Joshua and the Amalekites is a window into how we can all live with a “youthful zeal for life.” Here is the story of

The Wrath of God is the Disorder Experienced When We Separate Ourselves from God

I want to draw attention to two extremely important articles written by my friend, Msgr. Charles Pope, in the past two days. Msgr. focuses upon “Our Times and What is

October 14 – USGF October Prayer and Inspiration

The Catholic Church Calls Us to New Heights From the moment Christ handed Peter the keys, the Roman Catholic Church has played an essential role in pulling the world up from