ANNOUNCEMENT!! Combat Rosaries for Heroes!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Combat Rosaries for Heroes!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!  Combat Rosaries for Heroes!!

My family just received notice that their request for a 501c3 was approved for “Combat Rosaries for Heroes”!!

What does this mean? My dream has been to do what they did in WWI and WWII, in that these mighty “pull chain” (aka dog tag chain) rosaries were made available for soldiers. Upon request to chaplains, soldiers would get these … for free.

Of course, many of you know that I developed the Combat Rosary based on the original 1916 WWI, government made (if you can believe that), pull chain rosary. Nobody had created such a pull chain rosary since 1916, before I decided to do it.

I have been working with those who serve in this area of making religious items available to soldiers. All of the mechanics of this are pretty much in place.

These will also be made available for police, first responders, etc.. In other words, HEROES! In fact, I am getting ready to hand off a bunch (50+) of Combat Rosaries to our local county Sheriff, who recently gauged who among his force would be interested. He just emailed me to say, “We have reached out to our staff in an email to gauge interest among our Catholic staff and I’m overwhelmed with the positive response.” Awesome!

Also, all of these Combat Rosaries will be Exorcised and Blessed and will be touched to a “D-Day Relic of the True Cross.” You read about that HERE. I am so thrilled to know our HEROES will be “carrying” this source of blessing as they risk their lives to defend you and me and our freedoms!

What my family will do is take donations from folks, and these donations will cover just “cost of goods” for these rosaries. Nobody will make any money. In fact, my family will likely absorb some costs, like shipping, etc.

Now, I could sure use some help developing an awesome website for promoting this and collecting donations. If there is anyone out there who is an expert in this area, and would find it gratifying to offer – pro bono – your services in developing this awesome website, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please pray that we can get as many as possible of these Combat Rosaries into the hands of our HEROES!