May 13, Day One of Heal Our Land – Masks Gone!

May 13, Day One of Heal Our Land – Masks Gone!

Grace Force, May 13, Madison, WI // As we traverse through, what many believe, are dark times in which Satan seems to have seized control, a group of serious and loyal Catholics, discerning the will of the Holy Spirit, believe we are now being called to “Change History,” as this article (HERE) stated:

“(On May 13), America will begin to gather together and adore Jesus Christ, inviting Him to make Himself fully present in our land, and by His Presence, to free it from the powers of darkness. And the local Christians of Wisconsin are committed: they will continue to gather for what they are calling Heal Our Land Holy Hours every Thursday from May 13 until October 7th.”

While the Thursday “Heal Our Land Holy Hours” will be held at St. Mary of Pine Bluff church – and strongly encouraged to be held in churches around the country – the inaugural Heal Our Land Holy Hour was held on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, WI on Thursday, May 13.

The evening was GLORIOUS as many came to BEG God to pour out the Holy Spirit to vanquish the enemy, taking back our country and making us One Nation, Under God once again.


Science or Politics

As far back as the week after Holy Week last year (2020), many began to wonder to what degree the “fear mongering” was based on science. Or, was this mostly about politics? If they did not “red pill” on this largely “political motivation” back then, the vast majority have “red pilled” since that time, especially in recent weeks.

The “never let a crisis go to waste” radical secularists have used anything – ANYTHING – from mask mandates to censoring any information of effective new treatments, in order to keep the populist frightened and needy (dependent on government). Personally, I was placed in Facebook jail twice for sharing “good news,” knowing so many were enveloped in fear. First, for sharing a Newsweek article about the successful treatment of Hydroxychloroquine and second, for sharing a Lifesitenews article about the successful treatment of Ivermectin.

It seemed obvious that the radical secularists found something very “useful” for gaining control and power … and it worked, as they are now in power. And, they made sure “hope” was never part of the equation. Now, living in fear, censorship and punishment, we are subject to the tyranny of the radical secular dogma seeking to usher in (normalize) every evil abomination unto God.

Masks, in particular, have been a very effective method for sustaining a high level of fear and intimidation in the population, as they were a constant “in your face” reminder of the danger of COVID-19. And, as of Wednesday, May 12 (even the morning of May 13), we were being told that masks may be our future for the unforeseeable future.



As those who have been with the Grace Force for a while know, God seems to give “confirmations” that He is listening to and happy with our fervent prayers. We have been calling these “God-incidences” (see HERE). This evening, on May 13, was no different.

Out of the clear blue (at or around the hour of mercy), in the afternoon of May 13, the CDC gave “breaking news” that we can now “ditch the masks.” This was followed by a Biden presser that verified this big announcement, as Joe walked up to the microphone, for the first time, “maskless.”


That’s right, on Day One of our 18 week “Heal Our Land” prayer campaign to call out to God, through Adoration, to “Heal Our Land,” the primary tool of the evil radical secular “influencers” was stripped away. Just. Like. That!

God is only getting started!! PRAISE GOD!!

(By the way … in the photos you will notice two pillars. One in front of the altar, and one beneath Mary. We had discerned that St. John Bosco’s prophetic dream of the two pillars was “key” in begging God to bring the Holy Spirit. So, several weeks ago, I bought those pillars for this May 13 prayer campaign. Two days ago, I stumbled across an article that talked about St. John Bosco’s dream, and was shocked to learn the date of that dream. You wanna know the date? Drum roll please ……….. TODAY!! Just as we begin the Pentecost Novena. You can’t make this stuff up!


Mask Burning Party

So, now we get to have our “Mask Burning Party.” Please plan to join us next Thursday evening for our Heal Our Land Holy Hour from 6pm – 7pm at St. Mary of Pine Bluff. Immediately following this “hour of power” in the church, we will move out onto my lawn for a very fun “Mask Burning Party.” Bring a lawn chair and a dish to pass. PLEASE JOIN US!!


Photos from May 13 “Heal Our Land Holy Hour” on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol: