Peter & Paul Strong

Peter & Paul Strong

Peter & Paul Strong

I’ve come to the point that when I drive down the road and see construction workers and/or police officers (or even military) my heart pounds in gratitude and admiration. I feel like I want to salute them, but I usually offer a wave or thumbs up in their direction. These are real men. These are men who are unafraid of hard work or even putting themselves in harm’s way.

I’m thinking about these “real men” on this Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. Who did God choose as the “rock” on which to build His Church? Real men. Peter was a tough blue-collar worker who did not shrink at getting his hands dirty and putting sweat on his brow. Paul was a strong military man who had made a life choice to risk everything to protect and defend.

Peter and Paul’s strength and toughness leads me to think about the man-crisis we are living in today. At least since the time of the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, men have been demonized and shamed by, primarily, “woke feminists” (which include effeminate men) whose narrative painted us as abusive Homer Simpsons who have no right to be the St. Josephs we were intended to be. For these loud and aggressive feminists, backed by nearly all of the influencers of our day, the times have now changed and men must step aside and let the “woke feminists” take control. Men gave little resistance as they relegated themselves to video games and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In the Church, for the most part, strong men have been MIA, as the leadership positions in parishes have been filled, mainly, by these woke feminists. As a result, the early 1970s saw a polar shift away from a strong, precision-filled “honor guard” style of worship to a thin, feeble and effeminate way of worshipping. Men were, in essence, asked to check their masculinity at the doors of our churches as worshippers donned their worst “most nonthreatening” recreational attire, held hands at the Our Father, sang Broadway show tunes and cutesy childish songs, and came forward to grab the host like a potato chip. It’s no wonder men were among the first to evacuate our pews.

Worst of all, in our times, the weak and effeminate spiritual leadership in our Church has almost completely given way to the woke agenda. All things that betray God have been ushered in and normalized while the effeminate spiritual leaders of our times contend that the highest crime or greatest of all mortal sins is “offending” those who oppose the will of God. We have even witnessed many priests canceled for daring to be strong St. Josephs who risk offending the woke agenda for the sake of protecting their parish families. Not only are these effeminate spiritual leaders “silencing by canceling,” but they are sending a signal – the “chilling effect” – to all other priests who might dare openly speak the truth amidst this historic infiltration of all things that betray God. If this wasn’t horrible enough, we are witnessing the promotion and elevation of clerics who defend the woke agenda.

In conclusion, I’ll simply say, “I am long past tired of this.”

Here’s what I am choosing to do …

  • LOVE: I am not backing down on openly speaking the truth for love of my flock. Go ahead, cancel me. As Cardinal Sarah wrote: “The Church is dying because the shepherds are afraid of speaking with truth and clarity. We are afraid of the media, afraid of public opinion, afraid of our own brethren! As a consequence, the Catholics are confused. The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.” Again, go ahead and cancel me!
  • FAITH & HOPE: I am working very hard at remaining strong in my faith and hope by fervently working on my prayer life. I am praying, not my way, but “God’s way.” I ask, “How have You revealed to me to be the very best way to come to You in prayer and grow in my ‘intimate’ relationship with You?” I am using my “Peace through Strength Prayer Journal” to develop a strong discipline of prayer. I am believing You are near, maybe asleep in the stern of my boat, but You are near. I make the sign of the cross every time the phone rings, asking for protection. Yes, stepping out is stressful, but I am not despairing when You are near!!!
  • STRENGTH: Here I am now moving from spiritual strength (above) to talk about physical strength. No video games or Pabst Blue Ribbon for me (well, maybe one with friends). Today, I am doing my resistance training (lifting weights) and my cardio training (long walk). I have added fasting to my prayer as I do 20 hours of fasting every day (intermittent fasting), always with prayer intentions. And, I am dedicated to a “Keto lifestyle.” I have lost nearly 70 pounds since January 1st, and I am totally dedicated to doing my best to keep up with those strong construction workers I admire as I pass them along the road.
  • UNITY: I am making every effort to join forces with the remnant. One way I am doing that is to support the canceled priests in every way I can. Beyond that, I am totally dedicated to the “Holy League.” Along with Cardinal Burke, we are doing everything we can to promote a movement of First Friday evening gatherings for Adoration, Confession, Rosary, Inspiring Meditation, Benediction, followed by a social to strengthen our “family bond.”

I will continue to pray for our Pope and bishops. But, again, I am long past tired of this “accommodation to woke” that defines our 2022 Catholic Church. I turned 64 on the day Roe was overturned. I may get canceled or I may decide to pass the baton, but I will not, in any way shape or form, accommodate by my silence this historic infiltration of everything that betrays God.

Please pray for all those who are taking a stand.