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Grace Force Podcast Episode 03, The Catholic Gentleman

Sam Guzman, the ‘Catholic Gentleman,’ joins Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry for a lively discussion of authentic Catholic manhood, the need for virtue, the notion of “toxic masculinity” and

Grace Force Podcast Episode 2, Dr. Taylor Marshall

Bestselling author Dr. Taylor Marshall joins Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry for a discussion of his latest book, Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church from Within. The

USGF Podcast Highlights: ‘Come to Heaven for an Hour’

This episode in the continuing Grace Force Podcast Highlights series, Fr. Richard Heilman tells Doug Barry how ad orientem worship and other reverence in the celebration of the Mass will

Grace Force Podcast to Feature Dr. Taylor Marshall

In the Aug. 21, 2019 episode of the Grace Force Podcast, Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry will speak with Dr. Taylor Marshall, bestselling author of Infiltration: The Plot to