The First Step is Turning Our Fight to the Devil and His Legions

The First Step is Turning Our Fight to the Devil and His Legions

The First Step is Turning Our Fight to the Devil and His Legions

By Fr. Bill Peckman:

It occurred to me this morning that one of the huge misdirections brought on by secularism is in how we approach the fight against evil.

This has given the devil and his minions a wide opening to pour into human history and create evil on the grandest scale ever. Look at the world since secular thought really came into play in the latter half of the 19th century. I am not saying evil didn’t exist, it most certainly did, but the grand scale of evil in the last 150 years simply dwarfs what came before it.

In those 150 years we have had wars whose death tolls simply boggle the mind. We have had 10 of millions die in gulags, death camps. killing fields, massacres, and forcibly starved by authoritarian regimes who happily and quickly filled the void of a tossed out God. Abortion has claimed 100’s of millions as human life’s inherent value found in faith was tossed and replaced by the science of eugenics. We have seen the rise in all sorts of divisions brought on by eugenics which now are the fuel for all of the racial tensions we see manifested today.

In fact, any and all divisions that can be sown are being sown at an alarming rate. The ferocity of these division grow stronger. The belligerence grows stronger.

In those years we have also seen a definitive weakening of faith within our Churches. Churches have capitulated and continue to capitulate core moral teachings in order to get along better with the secular world. Rot from within has always been present, but with few exceptions (11th and 12th centuries in Catholicism) has the rot been systemic and profound. The fiscal and sexual predation have caused such grave scandal, that it troubles the very core of even the most faithful of Catholics. The cross has been replaced with a quest for the health and wealth gospel and/or the wisdom of secularism. The churches empty because they have sold their souls and have little worth holding onto. The churches have achieved the same ability to drive out the transcendent that secular society has. This is especially true in the Catholic Church.

In the quest for fighting evil, we now see each other as the primary cause of evil. We base the causes in things like the color of skin, socioeconomic class, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, gender… the list is endless. We look at each other as earthly demonic forces bent on our own personal destruction. That is why reasonable debates have given way to the shouting and drowning out of opposition more akin to exorcisms…and with the same hope. We do not merely want to silence, but to eliminate. One can almost see the walls for the next set of death camps be erected as we speak.

And Satan cackles. The demons laugh with glee. They operate almost unrestricted and let those they influence take the blame. We no longer fight them as we once did; no we punish their earthly proxies for whom they care not one iota about. Long has the Catholic Church mainstream abandoned the sense of spiritual warfare. That got replace with a banal secular version of social justice. Our blessings in the Church dropped all sense of exorcism and reparation and became banal hallmark sentiments disguised as a blessing.

We dropped our guard AND redirected the fight against evil from the devil to each other. How is that working out for us? Instead of seeking the good and free conversion of others, we seek their influence to be stemmed at best and their elimination at worst. I honestly believe that one of the main reasons so many younger people are gravitating to the Latin Mass and older ways is because it hasn’t lost the other-worldness and understanding of spiritual warfare. I am not saying that the Ordinary Form lacks this by nature, but by practice.

The primary reason I help develop and/or found things like Camp Maccabee and now Let Freedom Ring is so that we redirect the battle where it needs to be. We need to see the devil and his forces as our true enemy and battle them with the ferocity we have directed to each other. That necessitates our reattaching to God and finding the firm practice of our faith. That necessitates the abandonment of secularism and especially all things eugenics. That doesn’t mean we abandon science or reason at all. It means things go back into a proper perspective. It may be too late for that. I certainly hope not. But the first step is turning our fight to the devil and his legions.

We must arm ourselves with prayer and the sacraments. That is what Let Freedom Ring is designed to do. I ask you to join us. The fury is raging around us…it is time to put the devil back in his place. Details can be found as