Elements of the 40-Day “Let Freedom Ring” Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil

Elements of the 40-Day “Let Freedom Ring” Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil

Elements of the 40-Day “Let Freedom Ring”
Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil

Ash Wednesday begins the “Let Freedom Ring” 40-Day Challenge for freedom from the devil. We have over 76,000 joining forces in this challenge, to date. Outlined below is the elements of this tactical training. Now is a good time for each of us to make any specific plans for our participation in this “Let Freedom Ring” 40-day Challenge.

The Regimen

Any army must have a regimen of training that hones their minds, bodies, and souls into warriors; otherwise, the soldiers would get mowed down by a professional enemy. This 40-day training contains elements for all three parts of our beings to keep us an integrated whole, focused on the battle. Each day will be broken into prayer, reflection, and reparation, and contains elements designed to strengthen our spiritual, physical, and mental selves. In doing this, we offer no quarter for the devil to find lodging.

Each day you will be provided with a checklist to help you stay on track.  Here is an overview of the training protocol:

Prayer for Freedom from the Devil (Before reading the day’s material, pray the Prayer for Freedom from the Devil):

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
At a word from You the devil and his minions flee in terror.
You are the source of all truth. You are the source of all strength.
By the power of Your Cross and Resurrection, we beseech You, O Lord
To extend Your saving arm and to send Your holy angels
To defend us as we do battle with Satan and his demonic forces.
Exorcise, we pray, that which oppresses Your Bride, the Church,
So that within ourselves, our families, our parishes, our dioceses, and our nation
We may turn fully back to You in all fidelity and trust.
Lord, we know if You will it, it will be done.
Give us the perseverance for this mission, we pray.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception … pray for us
St. Joseph … pray for us
St. Michael the Archangel … pray for us
(the patron of your parish) … pray for us
(your confirmation saint) … pray for us

Reflection: Read the daily reflection, written by one of the three authors, on a particular manifestation of the demonic and the sin it leads to. Familiarize yourself with the corresponding virtue and plan of action to cultivate.

Prayer: Prayer of reparation and exorcism will be followed by a litany

Monday: Litany of Humility
Tuesday: Litany of St. Michael the Archangel
Wednesday: Litany of St. Joseph
Thursday: Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus
Friday: Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Saturday: Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sunday: Litany of the Blessed Sacrament

Acts of Reparation and Penance: Factoring into this will be variables of age, ability, and availability.

  • To pray a Rosary for the intention of exorcism of the day’s area of reflection
  • To pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet in reparation for the sin caused by the area of the day’s reflection
  • To commit one act of either a spiritual or corporal works of mercy for either one who has been harmed by our sin or who has harmed us by their sin.
  • To commit to fasting or abstinence days as prescribed below.
  • To commit to a prescribed time of exercise based on one’s abilities
  • To commit to going to Confession once a week (where available)
  • To refrain from all use of the conventional media throughout the 40 days and to limit one’s use of social media to one hour a day for non-business or evangelical use.

The fasting, abstinence, and exercise components of this training will be divided into four levels. All levels commit to the acts of reflection and prayer discussed previously. Remember, the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet can be recited while exercising!

Understanding that age, ability, and health are factors, determine the level that is the best fit for you:

White Level: Recommended for pregnant women, senior citizens, and those with serious medical conditions.

Red Level: Recommended for those who do not think they can do the blue level.

Blue level: Recommended for those called to go “All In!”

Black level: For clerics.

*Note for Clerics

In addition, clerics are asked to do the following:
– Commit to Holy Hour every day (prayer, reflection, and  some acts of reparation can be done during this time).
– Make more time for the confessional and daily Mass.
– Pray all hours of the Divine Office daily for 40 days.
– Commit to confession once a week.
– In a special way, offer the prayers for those placed under your pastoral care and do your acts of reparation for those harmed by the actions of any cleric, including yourself.


More Information

For those enlisted in the US Grace Force, you will receive, by way of email, the daily prayers and reflections for “Let Freedom Ring: A 40 Day Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil.” 

You can enlist in the United States Grace Force HERE (please recruit family and friends!)

Information on the United States Grace Force can be found HERE

We highly recommend ordering the book (recently published), authored by Fr. Bill Peckman, Fr. James Altman and Fr. Rick Heilman. This amazing book will be a great tool for easy access, highlighting and bookmarking as you traverse through this 40-day challenge with tens of thousands of other special forces prayer warriors!

You can order the book at RomanCatholicGear.com.