Miracles: The Way I See Them Happening

Miracles: The Way I See Them Happening

To My Fellow Prayer Warriors,

I think most of you are like me, but I wanted to share my view on my experience of miracles.

Not long ago, we all prayed 40 days for Fr. Calloway and his book. According to Fr. Calloway, it was going to take a huge supernatural miracle to get his book published. Almost the day we finished praying, Fr. Calloway announced that a miracle did, indeed, happen and his book was freed to be released.

I have seen this kind of “immediate” answer to prayer in the past but, in my experience, the “immediacy” is the exception, rather than the rule.

Instead, what has been more common, in my experience, is that we pray and we don’t see an “immediate” response by God. BUT, some time later, it’s like the pieces of the puzzle come together, and we can see “what God did.”

Also, oftentimes, God’s timing is not ours, His timing is better, for reasons that become clear to us … at some point.

I’ve come to understand that we cannot treat God like a candy machine … prayers go in, miracles come out … at the time we appoint for God, rather than the other way around.

In my experience, God answers prayers, but He does it in a way that “is best for us.” Sometimes that might mean that He even withholds an answer because “what is best for us” is to stop treating Him like a candy machine … He keeps us from becoming His “spoiled brat” children.

I say all of this because, recently, we all prayed with the exorcists on December 6, and we completed a 54 Day Novena for a “Christmas Miracle.” I am hoping you are like me, and you are saying to yourself, “I can’t wait to discover, at some point, how God answered those prayers.” Rather than, “Gee, God, we prayed and you didn’t give us our candy … I mean, miracle.” 😉

Honestly, I cannot wait to see what God did and is doing, because we prayed, with BELIEF, and God will answer in a way that is even more amazing than we expected.

Pray, hope and don’t worry, somebody once said. 😉

Love you all!!!