This Lent, Be a Part of a Godly Momentum Shift!

This Lent, Be a Part of a Godly Momentum Shift!

Many (not near enough) warned, all this past year, that a historic “momentum shift” was underway, to turn our culture and our Church in a radical direction away from God … in opposition to God. While “some” sought to set us on “high alert” of this ominous and impending “momentum shift,” others who should have been sounding the alarm bells were, instead, alarmed by those sounding the alarm.

This historic momentum shift was even given a name by the deviants who sought its implementation: “The Great Reset.” Boil down what is meant by a “Great Reset,” and what you have is a “watershed moment” to create a seismic shift reversing momentum away from any love of God and country, and grant all control to an elite worldwide ruling class who have been plotting and planning for years for just such a time as this.

Well, here we are. As influential spiritual leaders remained mostly silent, entrance was then granted to a unified tyranny of all sources of influence – media, leftist politicians, Hollywood, TV, Big Tech, Big Corporations, universities and public schools – who have seized control, and we are now finding ourselves in the midst of a full-throated persecution by way of censorship and threats of ruin (chilling effect) if we fail to comply in following the radical secular dogma of the ruling class. The dark agenda of destroying Christian America has gained the “momentum.”

This is why we believe this Lent is “Critical!” It’s time to join forces and draw upon the very best of God’s supernatural armor and weapons. It’s about the power of prayer; the power of the Sacraments; the power of devotions; the power of fasting and mortification … to bring the full power of “supernatural strength” to recover the momentum back in the direction of “building the Kingdom of God!” Our only other option is to sit by and watch its destruction.

Please join a growing force of over 76,000 mighty prayer warriors who will bring everything they’ve got to this Lent with, “Let Freedom Ring: A 40-Day Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil.”

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