USGF Training in Holiness

Day 80 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, QUEEN OF APOSTLES, PRAY FOR US DIVINE CONNECTION The Gospel story Pope John Paul II sets as the foundation for his new millennium appeal is the “Call of the

Day 79 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, QUEEN OF PROPHETS, PRAY FOR US ONE THING NECESSARY Pope Benedict XVI said, “The heart open to God, purified by contemplation of God, is stronger than guns and weapons

Day 78 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, QUEEN OF ANGELS, PRAY FOR US LOVE DEMANDS EFFORT Throughout all of salvation history we see such cries as “Let his face shine upon you” (Nm 6:25) and “Do

Day 77 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, HELP OF CHRISTIANS, PRAY FOR US SET THE WORLD ABLAZE The word “courage” actually derives its meaning from a Latin root word “cor” which means “heart.” It means we

Day 76 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, COMFORTER OF THE AFFLICTED, PRAY FOR US SUPERIOR IDEAL Among the ways we have just let Coach Vince Lombardi inspire us, let’s focus on the most important one: He

Day 75 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, REFUGE OF SINNERS, PRAY FOR US CATCH EXCELLENCE The desire to enter the fight is a desire to enter into a genuine training in holiness, pursuing the goal of

Day 74 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, HEALTH OF THE SICK, PRAY FOR US THIS DAY WE FIGHT Spiritually speaking, the devil is doing all that he can to catch us isolated and unarmed on the

Day 73 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, MORNING STAR, PRAY FOR US   UNITY IN TRUTH Devil’s Tactic #2 – Divide and Conquer The second modern tactic of the devil is actually the very ancient military

Day 72 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, GATE OF HEAVEN, PRAY FOR US STATE OF GRACE Devil’s Tactic #1 – Cut us off from our supply lines The first major strategy from the father of lies

Day 71 – 90 Days to Peace

MARY, ARK OF THE COVENANT, PRAY FOR US RECON  Any combat training and tactical planning begins with a process of intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination. Recon (reconnaissance) is a military